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The MIST is on sale

The MIST is now being sold fully assembled, ready-to-run and with a nice little case. Order your board at Lothareks Lair!

Need more information?

This page was used during the initial development. With the board being available for sale the documentation and code also needed a new public home.

Thus the main information source for the MIST is now the mist board project at google and the MIST/Suska forum at


I grew up with the Atari ST and i am still fond of it. The MIST project aims to recreate one. Cheap and simple enough to be built at home just for the fun of it.

The MIST is supposed to be some kind of "next gen minimig", being as cheap and as simple as the original Minimig. The key changes are:

Why "MIST"?

In reference to the Minimig which stands for Mini Amiga, the MIST was supposed to be the Mini ST. But one of the first things that actually ran on the MIST board was the Minimig core. So MIST now stands for AMIga/ST.

Projects the MIST is based upon

The MIST includes code, designs and concepts from various other FOSS projects. This includes:



The board

The real board V1.2


The full history of the MIST development can be found here.


MiST files

The source code is now hosted at Google code.

Binaries for firmware and cores can be found in the binary section at googlecode or in the download sections below.

Generic files

Binary files

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