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My SX64

The C64 was the second computer i owned (my first computer was a VIC-20). I sold my C64 about 1987. But in 2004 a friend of mine got his hands on a defective SX-64 which i promised to try to repair. While searching for replacement parts i have been offered a second defective SX-64. I managed to repair both of them (both suffered from a defective PLA chip and one additionally had a defective VIC chip), so Achim and me now both own a portable C64.

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Tennis Cat

I wrote and published a break-out clone back in 1985. The game was completely written in the assembler language and i didn't keep a copy. I was surprised to find a copy of the game not very long ago in the internet. Get a copy here.

Net64 cartridge

Once i had my SX-64 repaired i wanted to do something cool with it. I learned about people who added ethernet interfaces to their C64 and since i had some spare ones of the required ethernet chips, i decided to build the net64 cartridge. See the image above for my SX-64 with the net64 cartridge installed. The net64 cartridge is compatible to the final ethernet cartridge and can be operated with software developed for the tfe.

See below for the schematic (in 150 dpi) and the top and bottom pcb layout (both in 600 dpi).