What is TheMaze?

Work on TheMaze started many years ago and has never been finished into a real game, although it seems, that a version of it has been or even is still being shipped with various HPUX software collections. I always wanted it to become it a real 3D game and when the OpenGL became popular i wrote a similar game named glMaze. While TheMaze was a work of many months and never really was playable, the OpenGL version was written within a few days. These pages are still there because some people still use parts of the game like e.g. the joystick interfaces.

TheMaze is a multi player, multi platform 3d action game. It is based on the idea of Midimaze and Midimaze II on the AtariST. Other members of this family are the X11 based imaze and the old mazewar. All these games have in common that you are some kind of smiley that is playing hide and seek in a three dimensional displayed maze with a number of other players on other machines.


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Till Harbaum